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What others are saying about Health Bridges (Testimonials)

Greetings From California. We have received Health Bridges, read the material, watched the video and got started. My wife and I are very pleased and surprised at just how much correction is provided by Bridge # 1. I will be sharing the Bridge with patients and other DC's in the area. I hope they are as excited about it as we are.

Dr. Shields DC, CA

I first became aware of Health Bridges in June of 2000. I purchased the first bridge and began using it immediately. Within a very short time I realized great benfits for it's use. I now find that my flexibility and range of motion has improved tremendously. As a 50's+ individual I am very active physically and train as a student of the matiral arts. Having strong and flexibile joints and muscles are very important to me and I can credit the Health Bridges in helping me improve and maintain my overall conditioning. I was so impressed with the results of using Health Bridges, I have purchased the second bridge and am using it everyday.

H. Bishop, NF Canada

Prior to purchasing your product, I was having discomfort, aches and pain in the lower back region for years. I do not have a medical problem but I believe that poor posture and working at a desk, along with sitting for long periods of time at my home computer have certainly aggravated the problem. I began to use Bridge # 1 in March 2000 although I could only lie on the bridge for a couple of minutes twice a day, my back felt much better after only two weeks. I have now worked up to five minutes twice a day and I also lie on the bridge for a minute here and there whenever I feel like it. I love the stretch and flexibility it gives my back. My posture has improved and I have noticed my ability to walk long distances without discomfort. I intend to take it along with me whenever I travel so that aching back will be but a bad memory.

Jeanette, Canada

Health Bridges Inc. has taken a very ancient concept and developed it into a 21st century scientific method of promoting good posture and better health. Because chiropractors are doctors, with extensive and specialized training in body structure

Health Bridges Inc. advises all users of their product to seek chiropractic guidance though the "Three Steps to Better Health" offered by their unique programme.

Don't hestitate to contact us, we would be happy to explain or demo our product in person.

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